Friday, December 7, 2018

SmartBeat - A Baby Monitor from the Future

When Isabel was first born, our baby monitor was my lifesaver. My brand new little baby slept in a pack and play right next to our bed. I could literally reach out and touch it with my hand, but I couldn't lift my body up to check her every two minutes like I wanted to, because of the c-section. I would sleep with the baby monitor in my hand, so I could check on her every 2 minutes and make sure she was okay. Every mom knows that first year, you worry about losing your baby when they are sleeping. Every time they sleep longer, you wake up in a panic because what if they didn't make it. 

Smartbeat Video Baby Monitor to momma's rescue! It tracks your baby's breath with a camera, alarming you if they were to stop breathing. Those of you who have been to my house know that our house is filled with cameras. I roll my eyes every time Javi brings home a new one BUT this is one camera that I am truly excited to have in our house!

I got to sit down with Erin Wagner, the marketing director of SmartBeat, see a demo and hear a little bit more about the SmartBeat story. The launch of their baby monitor was unexpectedly moved up to next week because they have had so many families contacting them - moms bringing home preemies from the hospital, or families of baby's with asthma that have been asking them to launch as soon as possible. Seriously, how awesome the peace that this monitor will give so many families!

Other amazing features the SmartBeat Monitor offers

-Follows your baby when they move in their sleep (355 degree pan/tilt)
-Sends a notification to your phone when your baby falls asleep and when they wake up 
-Shows you a chart of your baby's breathing and tells you their current breathing rate
-Sends an alarm if you baby stops breathing
-HD video and night vision

I feel so relieved that this time around, when there is a moment for this momma to sleep, I can hit the pillow without any worries and catch a few hours of zzzz's.

You can catch your own SmartBeat monitor in just a few days. They start shipping December 10th - just in time for Christmas. 

Check out this video for a look at the app - Meet Smartbeat - Video Baby Monitor with Breath Detection

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